Under 2's

by Mike McKinstry on Oct 13, 2018

Under 2's

This stage of a child’s development is not an easy time to purchase safe and stimulating toys. Eye hand co-ordination is essential in all stages of development right though to adult. Eye hand co-ordination is required in the classroom, not only for your child to focus from blackboard/whiteboard to their paper/computer screen but also being able to focus on the written word in a book, and, being able to catch/hit a ball.

A first ball to grip, throw and attempt to catch is a great place to start, (you can get a ball that has holes for grip and it also allows your child to chew on it to assist with teething). You can purchase links that are great for hooking your rattles and soft toys to the pushchair, cot or activity gym so baby never needs to be without their favourite toy.

Bath toys, roll along rattles, shape sorters, and along with a toddle wagon (trolley) to push, to put toys in and out of the tray and to learn to walk behind, are some of the things that can only help to occupy your toddler. Do make sure that your wagon has a good balance (and that doesn’t mean a set of blocks in the tray) a handle over back wheels and not too narrow of a tray will assist your child to pull themselves up to walk behind, so you do not need it toppling over and landing on top of them – blocks and all, they and you, will get very frustrated.