University Games

University Games bring fun to the table.

When it comes to the world of games, puzzles, and gifts, University Games is a brand that offers world-class entertainment to both kids and adults through their fun, challenging, age-appropriate products that open them to the world of endless possibilities.

Games present multiple opportunities for learning, be it for kids or adults. They allow players to experiment through trial and error, find solutions to problems, apply new strategies, and help them discover their skills and confidence. What makes them more exciting is the challenge that each presents.

University Games was established with class games made by ever-original class clowns. Created by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman in 1985, the company has been offering since then games that encourage social interaction and imagination through gameplay. In 1987, Bob co-invented 20 Questions, which like the Murder Mystery Party series, has been a mainstay of the University Games line for more than 30 years.

In 1991, University Games created the Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? board game which is based on a popular children’s tv show of the same name. Since then, the brand has created more fun and educational board games that are designed to be as educational as they are fun and challenging.  

Since then, the brand hasn’t stopped creating world-class products that offer solid entertainment to everyone. With games such as Kids on Stage, Super Why ABC, and Scavenger Hunt for Kids, it’s no wonder why University Games is a popular brand in the industry. From children’s games, educational games, 2D and 3D puzzles, glow in the dark stars and planets, family games, and more University Games has so much fun to offer which can be enjoyed individually or by friends and family.

Find a fun selection of University Games products at The Toy Wagon and enjoy a whole lot of fun playing with friends and family. 

University Games
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