Coloring is fun. It’s a simple staple of childhood that develops even in the later years in life. For children, give them crayons and paper and they are set for hours of fun and creativity.

Everything that surrounds us has its own color. Color brings fun to life, and it adds life to all things. It is also one of the fundamentals of art.

Colors have such a great effect on our emotions, health, and how we see life as a spectrum. For kids, the benefits of art go way beyond fun. Colouring helps in the development of their motor skills, stimulates creativity, improves focus, spatial awareness, promotes mindfulness, and more. Colors mean so much more to their highly imaginative and sensitive inner world.

When it comes to art kits and coloring books, INKredibles by Hinkler offers a huge and range beautiful range that brings children’s colouring to life. The INKredibles line offer fun coloring activities which allow kids of all ages to explore their creativity through colouring.

INKredibles’ Magic Ink Pictures books feature puzzles, mazes, games, colouring pages, and more. Each set also comes with colourful and vibrant mess-free inked pens which add more fun and creativity to your colouring. Holographic and Magic Ink stickers are also included to engage your kids in art-making. Each activity features specific themes with delightfully illustrated pages that are sure to entice your child to use their imagination freely as they apply colours.

From wonderful unicorns, Disney characters, and exciting characters from famous animation films such as CARS, Frozen, and more, there’s definitely something for your little ones!

Colouring may seem like a simple task but there are so many learning benefits for children to engage them in. It’s a fun, healthy, and creative activity for kids of all ages. It’s a low-tech activity for them with benefits that are beyond just fun!  

Add a burst of colour to your child’s life by engaging them in a fun and creative life journey with art!

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