A good toy is one that is fun for your little ones and suitable for their age and early development.

Children can learn a lot from playing. They learn fast when they enjoy what they play so it is important for parents to surround their kids with things that help them thrive during the crucial stages of their childhood starting with children’s products that help nurture their personality and learning.

eeBoo is an award-winning, family-run business founded by a family-oriented mom who refused to compromise family time for work. Founded by Mia Galision, the eeBoo brand has been running for over two decades and has since dedicated its hands-on efforts and passion to providing beautiful child-friendly products that provide valuable learning experiences for children.

eeBoo is a brand known for its fun and quirky puzzles and activity books that draw inspiration from arts, contemporary designs, and vintage toys. Their products are designed to engage children in imaginative play, storytelling, communication, and learning basic math which is among the skills that can help children love the process of learning and growing.

Through their fun and beautiful products, eeBoo is on a mission to introduce kids to the real world helping them become better individuals. 

eeBoo is proud of the quality of their products and the care and thought that it put into everything they do.  Advocating sustainability is also one of the company’s efforts to help save the earth wherein their products are made in paper and other sustainable materials that are both safe for kids and the environment.

eeBoo products are distributed to various stores such as specialty toy stores and high-end gift shops, museums, bookstores, art supply stores, and online platforms like The Toy Wagon. From activity books to fun puzzles, The Toy Wagon is a one-stop shop for many wonderful eeBoo products that are perfect for kids and kids at heart.
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