When it comes to classic and timeless presents gifted to kids, nothing sparks more joy to the young ones better than toys. But it’s not just kids that have a big love for toys, but adults as well. Many adults love collecting toys as a fulfilling hobby even in their later years. 

Paladone is a consumer products company that offers a wide range of brands across gaming, entertainment, and global brands. The brand is obsessed with the latest trends and consumer needs priding itself in making excellent quality products that people can use and will want as good and unique pieces to add to their collection.

Through the brands and trends that are brought to life through the products that Paladone makes, consumers and fanatics are able to express themselves and interact with the brands that they love--- collectible products that encapsulate their personality and fulfill their desire of bringing out their inner child.

The company has partnered with many legendary and iconic brands in the world of animation, games, and entertainment in general such as Disney, Marvel, Nintendo, and many more. From stationeries, toys, tumblers, game boards, novelty products, and more, consumers can find a wide range of goodies perfect for all gamers, geeks, and gifting gurus of all ages. 

Over the years Paladone has grown into one of the leading consumer product suppliers in the world, selling tens of millions of products each year to over 80 countries worldwide. Paladone products are now available across the globe in all tiers of retailers in both online and offline stores. From specialty retail stores, fashion boutiques, and mass-market stores.

For over 25 years since 1994, Paladone has been serving kids and many adults alike a source of fun and fulfillment with toys that satisfy their little passions and big obsessions with awesome, unique, and fun things that inspire their creativity and imagination. 

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