Toys for 9 year old

Toys for 9 year old

A 9 year old is on the cusp of early adolescence. Some say it’s OFFICALLY PRE TEEN!  And the changes will start soon, if they haven’t already. 

It’s quite an enjoyable time as conversations start to take on more adult themes as your young adult is starting to become more thoughtful. But it can come with challenges as mood swings and interests changes can happen overnight (or by the hour). 

With increased attention spans, by age 9 you’ll start to see reading comprehension expand along with the different types of material they are reading:  Fiction, Non-fiction, biographic, poetic, historical, comical, the list goes on.  It’s also reasonable to expect your nine year old to fiercely focus on a topic while it’s mastered, and then suddenly drop it for another topic all together.  They have a tendency to change their interests at a rapid pace.  

During this time of trying new things, they might enjoy learning different practical skills such as woodwork, sewing, knitting, drawing, model making.  This is aided by refined fine motor skills which allows their hands to have more control within these activities.  We find a lot of our arts and crafts sets make fantastic gifts for this age group. 

At this time 9-year-olds start to develop more empathy towards others and start to establish their thoughts on who they are.  This is influenced by their friends who they are also forming solid friendships with.  It may be a time when they are influenced by peer pressure so make sure to keep communication lines open as much as possible during this time. 

As 9 year olds like to draw, paint, make jewellery, build models, or do other activities that use their fine motor skills we make sure to keep a full range of toys, games, activities perfect for this age group

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