Toys for 8 year old

Toys for 8 year old

There is something wonderful about an year 8 Year Old.  This is the year you may notice they become a big kid, whether you are ready for it or not!  

You might have seen your little person become more mature and handle things that previously brought big emotions.  Serious things!  You know, like ‘not getting to be first’ sort of things!

8 year olds can start to feel the need to flex their ‘independence’ muscles and not look for as much help as they may have in the past and opting to try and do things on their own more.  That’s not so bad at all, it’s quite nice having a little helper who is becoming more and more capable. 

At age 8 children start to understand abstract concepts rather than seeing things as either black or white, right or wrong.  This is great for expanding Maths skills and concepts around money and time.  You will also see an improvement in reading skills as many eight year olds start to gravitate to more complicated chapter books. 

For many eight year olds, it’s a year of refining physical skills, you might see improved handwriting as fine motor skills improve.  Dance moves become more fluid, roller skates and skateboards get used more often, team sports become more dynamic, as balancing skills, muscle control, and coordination all become stronger.

This is also a year of rapidly changing emotions.  Your sweet little child might suffer from angry outbursts or be dramatic and rude.  They can start being critical of other people, INCLUDNG their Parents or careers.  Oh the horror of an eight year olds first ‘eye roll’ – EKKKKK. 

Don’t worry too much as they work through these big emotions and try these new social engagements on for the first time.  Your amazing little person is still in there, and will still be checking in with you for the love and care they still very much need from you. 

So what are the best toys for 8-year-olds?  We’re so glad you asked.  Remember these guys are refining their physical skills and are achieving physical tasks that eluded them just a short time ago.  They need more independence, and they need time with their friends.  So big games and getting outside is perfect for these guys, ball games, balancing games all that sort of activity is great.  But on the other side of the development coin, they are refining their find motor skills so activities that aid with those skills will be favoured too.  These things include drawing and colouring, jigsaw puzzles, arts and crafts.

And of course, games that exercise those improving Maths skills and Reading skills are a fantastic way to keep learning at home through play.  Something we think is magical!

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