Peaceable Kingdom

Play is more than just a chance to have fun. It is a catalyst that allows kids to see things differently and stimulates the brain for exploring new behaviors, thoughts, strategies, and knowledge.

Imagination is an essential part of childhood. Simple interactions made through play give them creativity, stretch out their imagination, enhance their social skills, and allow children to engage and explore more about what makes them curious about the world.

Peaceable Kingdom is a brand that believes that the world is a place of endless possibilities. Since 1938, the brand has been offering the market award-winning children’s products that give kids the opportunity to grow, learn, and imagine.

With a large collection of colorful and fun board games, Peaceable Kingdom became a brand known for its cooperative games. Their range of products also includes stationery such as notebooks, decorative papers, cards, stickers, temporary tattoos, and more which are distributed across various stores and platforms such as the Toy Wagon.

Peaceable Kingdom has created great cooperative games such as Hoot Owl Hoot, Feed the Woozle, and other classic board games. Their unique and award-winning family games help inspire cooperation and learning to kids teaching them valuable moral lessons such as being competitive but sport, as well as the importance of enjoying the journey of learning from the game rather than the end game.

The brand aims to produce children’s products that are fresh, fun, and educational that will inculcate good learning and fun discovery in order to help create a memorable childhood.

With Peaceable Kingdom’s other products now available at Toy Wagon, you’re sure to find the perfect toy for your growing kids. The range of products is made to inspire kids of all ages allowing them to enjoy fun and relatable games that they can share with other kids and family.

Peaceable Kingdom
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