Childhood is the time to be quirky and unique. To discover things that shape our personalities as we grow.

Toys are meant to inspire children’s individuality. They are meant to engage children to learn, play, and aid them as they go through their early stages of development.

B. brand aims to be bigger than being just a company that produces children’s toys. Rather it gears towards letting kids know that it’s okay to be curious, adventurous, giddy, and even serious all at the same time.

Because at the end of the day, kids should B. exactly who they want to B.

Over the years, B. has been making children happy around the world with toys that are timeless and are meant to last so that happiness can be shared from one generation to the next. Over the last decade, B. was able to encompass several lines of toys as a fully fleshed-out brand that was created out of passion and the mutual dream of its founders. After decades of crafting toys that matter, the brand teamed up with a family-run manufacturer, Battat, to create a brand of toys that actually makes a difference, not only to the children but also to the planet we live on.

Today, B. continues to innovate making sure to always bring something new to the market in terms of the design and function of its toys. The brand offers a line that includes a variety of children's products from fresh spins on toddler classics to modern children's furniture with features that are as playful as they are educational.

B. is committed to their advocacy of helping save the earth by using 100% recyclable materials for their products and packaging making sure to make the ecological footprint for the next generation as light as possible. This way, our next generation of children can reap the benefits of us, the present generation, taking care of our world.

For B., it’s been a huge effort to make as little an impact on our planet, but every effort is worth it as they are able to create a difference in the world and are helping children grow into responsible and good individuals.

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