The Toy Wagon has been created through our desire to provide toys that support parents to create an amazing childhood for their children.

We derive inspiration through our own childhood experiences, spent within the toy industry, and our favourite toys that kept us entertained while learning about the real world as we played.  This mantra of Learning While Playing is something we hold very dear.

As a group with a passion for fun play and quality learning, we discover educational toys that are safe and enjoyable and make them available online to help shape young minds through play.

The Toy Wagon is a team dedicated to bringing fun learning experiences to children through a range of environmentally friendly toys that are great for developing little brains with their coordination, problem-solving and social skills. Because we firmly believe that looking after the environment and our children’s future go hand in hand. With that, we put our passion as a company in helping families create an environment that is safe for children starting with choosing toys built from safe materials and with good intentions.

The Toy Wagon recognizes the crucial role that play has in early child development. With that in mind, we desire to be a part of every child’s journey to a happy and memorable childhood that lasts a lifetime.