Nz Tonga Fiji and back home again

by Mike McKinstry on Mar 03, 2017



On my recent travels with two friends sailing through the Pacific Islands, we met this amazing family who, with their 8-year-old daughter, had sailed up from New Zealand to Tonga in their trusty boat Ika Moana.



We met Nathan, Gill and Paige (aka the Mao’s) anchored off Uolva Island and this is where we did a food exchange, giving bananas for what we thought was a wahoo, but later found out was a barracuda. Over the following months, there were many more encounters with the Moa’s and I soon found out about this amazing blog that they had been writing about their sailing adventures. The Moa's have very kindly allowed me to share their stories with you.


So, I hope you enjoy everything they have to offer and that they inspire you as they have me. Here is a link to their amazing blog that I will hopefully be able to share a few stories from: