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Introducing Our Mum The Toy Expert

by Mike McKinstry on Dec 01, 2016

If you didn't know the background story to Anna and I starting up The Toy Wagon, our parents had unknowingly influenced our lives hugely with the path we have now taken. Mum and Dad were the owners of our local toy shop that we grew up in. The place where we learnt just what is needed to have a great toy shop, with products that are built for a lifetime and a great value for every customer. Mum as you will find out, is a fountain of knowledge, and toys is just one subject we have asked her to talk about.


With the many wonderful years running a very magical toy store, we have asked her to pass some of that knowledge and experience on to you. She will be providing information on what her views are on the different genres of toys, plus what she has found out over the years of selling those toys that were built for a lifetime and the stories to go along with them.


Watch this space to experience her amazing insight into the world of toys and more.