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eBoo Spottington

Enjoy eeBoo's fast, finding and fun Spottington Board Game. Gather around the busy village of Spottington! Lay one central board down with the other six surrounding it. Take turns flipping over a card and racing to locate what’s on the card. Once you’ve found it, place your token on the character or item and call out “Spottington.” Whoever finds the most the quickest is now the Mayor of Spottington. Game includes 7 sturdy double-sided interchangeable game boards, 250 spotting cards and 6 player tokens. This search and find game is perfect for family game night. Illustrated by Saxton Freymann. Winner of the Oppenheim Gold Best Toy Award.

- DEVELOPS observational skills, focus and speed.
- For 1 to 6 players. Approximate time play is 15-30 minutes.
- For ages 5 and up.
- SCREEN-FREE FUN: For over 25 years, eeBoo has created wholesome, educational games and activities that cultivate conversation, socialization, and skill-building while introducing our world.
- SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: 90% recycled materials, printed with vegetable-based inks.

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