Battat Grocery Cart

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Battat, Grocery Cart

The Battat Grocery Cart is filled with fun... and everything a little foodie needs to create the best meals ever imagined. Pretend grocery shopping with this sturdy cart and 22 colourful play food items. Fill up your toy basket with veggies, dairy, pasta, fruits, juice and more. Stable and easy to push, this grocery cart is perfect for toddlers, as the handle rises about 20 inches from the floors. The smooth motion of the molded wheels makes it sturdy and stable. Perfect tool to teach toddlers about healthy food choices and nutrition. Pretend play toys are an essential part of childhood as it helps with social skills, curiosity, concentration and many more. So, grab what you need to mix it up, cook it up or bake it up... And just put it in the cart! This shopping cart is the perfect addition to any toy kitchen set! All Battat products meet or exceed EU, U.S. and Canadian safety standards.

Recommended for ages 3+

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