Wooden Jigsaw 129pc - Unicorn

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"Wooden Jigsaw 129pc - Unicorn

This incredible 129 Piece Wooden Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle from Puzzle Master is a whole lot of magical fun! This is one of the more interesting jigsaw puzzles from this incredible series of wooden jigsaw puzzles.

Puzzle Master makes truly amazing jigsaw puzzles and this 129 Piece Wooden Unicorn Jigsaw Puzzle from Puzzle Master is part of a new series of jigsaws that are based around amazing creatures. This one here is based on a magical unicorn and it really does look amazing and like something from a fantasy movie. The way the colours make it spring to life is very cool and it has a kind of classy look to it too so no doubt some people will want to frame this and have it on display all the time.

You may think that 129 pieces are not many, but this is not your typically shaped jigsaw puzzle. It uses much more deliberate puzzle pieces and this gives the puzzle a real challenge which makes you think, but it is also a lot of fun as a result of this. The puzzle pieces have that Puzzle Master quality that you would expect. However, the twist here is that each of the 129 puzzle pieces are made from wood. This gives the puzzle a much more “premium” kind of feel.

Key Features:
People who love unicorns are going to get a real kick out of this
The more “magical” aspect of this unicorn makes it a very interesting jigsaw puzzle
Each of the 129 puzzle pieces are made from wood
While fun, this is still a challenging jigsaw puzzle
It has that Puzzle Master quality about it

Suitable for ages: 8+

Puzzle: Size: 299 x 219mm
Box Size: 225mm (W) x 300mm (H) x 25mm (D)"

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