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Rummikub Cardboard Mini Classic


Rummikub Cardboard Mini Classic For Kids

With brilliant simplicity, Rummikub provides hours of amusement, each game as different as the combination of moves you choose to play. The object of the game is to go 'Rummikub' by using all your tiles in 'runs' or 'groups' thereby accumulating the highest score for the round. You can use the joker tile to fill in the gaps in your 'runs', but remember, if he is left smiling on your rack at the end of a round, you lose 30 points!

About the Rummikub Cardboard Mini Classic for kids

For ages 7 years and up

Packaging Dimensions: 14.6cm x 4.1cm x 20.7cm

106 x Tiles in 4 colours, 2 Jokers, 4 racks


2-4 Players

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