Our Generation 18" Regular Doll - Alexa


OG girls set our barre high because we know exactly what we are after. Well, not always but all we know is we chase our dreams like they're rainbows and unicorns. We do what we do best, dream high, and do great things for what we love. We love to spread the love to inspire and encourage young girls of generations to dream big dreams because they can. Just like the Our Generation doll Alexa, she dreams of becoming the best ballerina she could be.

Alexa is a classy and sweet 18-inch doll with bright green eyes and long, blonde hair that she styles in a classic ballerina bun with a headband. She lives up to her dreams by dressing up in a classic attire that shows her poise and demeanor. She's dressed in a classy dress paired with a capelet that makes the whole look sophisticated and completes her look with a pair of leg warmers and regular ballet shoes. If you love ballet, Alexa is a perfect companion in appreciating the sophistication of ballet as an art form.

Our Generation Regular Doll Alexa set includes a non-posable doll, a ballet dress, a capelet, pair of leg warmers, a set of undies, a headband, and a pair of ballet shoes.

Recommended for 3 years and over.

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