A child’s mind is expanding just by taking in their surroundings. Babies like to follow people and things with their eyes especially those with bright colors. With your little one’s growing curiosity, they get easily fascinated by the things they see, hear, and feel which they instantly try to interact with. See how they move their hands and feet, lift their heads, and turn it when they hear interesting sounds, put things in their mouths, and do other actions that satisfy their curiosity.

As your child starts to crawl and play actively with their first toys, it is important for parents to be mindful of what they play and give them a safe place to play to avoid them from getting hurt. They need a safe place where they can roam around even if they stumble and explore so they both learn through play and satisfy their curious minds.

If you’re looking for something special for your little one’s nursery, Toy Wagon has a huge line of brands offering all sorts of toys and gifts perfect for children. From your baby’s first toys to your toddler’s activity toys, our exciting range of child-friendly early years toys will keep your little child safe and entertained on their cribs or playpen.

An exciting range of early years toys can be found in all shapes and sizes that are age-appropriate and fun for your little buddy. From bouncy chairs, baby mats and gyms, educational toys, clutching toys, rattles, sand play toys, stacking, sorting, and building toys, and many more. Toy Wagon’s huge collection of toys is designed to help develop their fine motor skills through discovery, exploration, and sensory products. We also have a great range of soft play equipment, wheeled toys, and rockers that help develop their gross motor skills.

No matter how large or small your home is, you can always create a space that is safe and fun for your little one. All our early year toys are ideally suited for use in schools, nurseries, daycare settings, and at home.

Make your space a safe relaxing environment to enjoy every moment with your child.

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